Please Note: Everything is made to order and wait times can exceed 20 minutes on busy nights. Thank you.



BURGERS • Served with Fries


Rocket Sliders / 8.5

Two juicy, grilled chicken or Angus Beef patties, served with lettuce and tomato on slider buns. Add cheese for 50¢.

Do You Think I Care? / 13

The official cheat-month burger with a deep fried half pound Angus Beef patty, crispy bacon, fresh guacamole, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, cheddar, and swiss cheese.

Where Have You Bean All My Life? / 8

Black bean quinoa patty grilled just right on a sandwich bun with a light spread of mayo, topped with lettuce and tomato.

Texas Chainsaw Massa-Curd / 15

Cheddar cheese curds on top of a half pound Angus Beef

patty with ranch dressing, lettuce, and tomato.

Build Your Own Burger / 9.5

Half pound Angus Beef patty with toased bun. Mayo, mustard, and ketchup available.

Your choice of 3 ingredients (additional toppings 50¢): Pretzel Bun • Mozzarella • Provolone • Swiss • Cheddar • Monterey Jack • Brie • Gouda • Hummus • Guacamole • Pepperoni • Salami • Ham • Bacon • Tomatoes • Lettuce • Onions • Jalapeños • Pickles • Fresh Garlic


PIZZAS • All Pizzas are 12”

I Like Pizza / 8

Simple take on a classic pizza with marinara and mounds of mozzarella cheese.

I Like Pizza and a Little Meat / 9

Marinara sauce base, loaded with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni.

I like Pizza and Kill all the Animals / 12

A fully involved pizza – with salami, black forest ham, pepperoni, and angus beef held together by melted mozzarella cheese.

I like Pizza and No Harm Shall Come / 10 Mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, red & green peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

CHICKEN · Served with Fries

Chicken Tenders / 8.5

Crispy chicken tenders with ketchup and honey mustard.

Chicky Chicky Parm Parm / 9



SANDWICHES · Served with Fries

The LGBT / 7.5

A non-traditional but equally delicious, Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, and Tomato served on sliced brioche bread.

Chicken Club Sandwich / 9

Sesame seed bun, 2 grilled chicken cutlets, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and bacon.

Grillennium         Falcon         /       7 A long time ago in a kitchen not far away, grilled cheese with mozzarella on sliced brioche bread

Add additional cheeses for 50¢.

Black Forest Ham & Brie Grilled Cheese / 8 Black forest ham and thin melted brie cheese on a toasted brioche bread.

Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese / 8

Gooey mozzarella & pepperoni with marinara sauce on brioche bread.

Always Sunny In Philadelphia / 9.5

A legit as hell, philly cheesesteak with shaved steak, provolone cheese, mushrooms, red & green peppers on an 8 inch sub roll.



3 Cheese Flatbread / 8.5

With mozzarella, brie, and gouda cheeses.

Pear, Capicola, and Brie Flatbread / 9

Baked brie cheese, softened pears, and capicola.

The Artisan / 9

Fresh tomato and crispy hickory smoked bacon topped with melted monterey jack cheese.


Please Note: Everything is made to order and wait times can exceed 20 minutes on busy nights. Thank you.




Meat & Cheese Tray / 9 (Meat or Cheese Only / 5) Assortment of cheeses (brie, gouda, and fresh mozzarella) and meats (salami, black forest ham, and capicola) served with plain, lightly salted, and wheat crackers.

Pita Bread & Hummus / 6.5

Regular and red pepper hummus, warm pita triangles, and grapes.

Guacamole Bowl / 7.5

The Copper Rocket’s signature guacamole served with pita bread, corn chips, and spicy chips.

Wisconsin Cheese Curds / 6

Orlando Food Festival award winning!

Lightly battered and deep fried. Served with ranch.

Pretzel Bites / 5.5

Warm pretzel bites salted and served with honey mustard. Beer cheese available for 50¢.

Thick Cut French Fries / 5 (Half Basket / 3) 1lb of fries per order • 8oz for half order. Delicious and thick steak fries.

Curly Fries / 5 (Half Basket / 3)

1lb of fries per order • 8oz for half order. Seasoned and whimsical curly fries. Add queso cheese for 50¢.

Deep Fried Bacon / 6

4 thick cut strips of bacon battered and fried. Served with maple syrup.

Giant Salted Pretzel / 6

Full 8 ounce salted pretzel. Served with freshly made beer cheese.

Jalapeño Poppers / 7

Spicy jalapeños filled with creamy cheddar cheese.


NAKED WINGS – Jumbo Style

6 Count / 7

12 Count / 12

24 Count / 21


Honey BBQ • Sweet & Sour • Memphis Sweet •

Mild Buffalo • Smokey BBQ • Spicy Garlic • Hot • Red Hot • Cayenne Pepper | Extra Crispy available upon request.

Tossed in one sauce per order: Additonal sauces on the side, no charge



Spring Re-Mix Salad / 5

Spring mix greens, tomatoes, croutons, and shredded blend cheese. Choice of ranch or creamy balsamic.

Grilled Chicken Salad / 7

Grilled chicken cutlet sliced on top of spring mix, tomatoes, croutons, and shredded cheese. Choice of ranch or creamy balsamic.




Fountain Drinks / 2.25

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, or Lemonade.

Fruit Juices / 3.5

Orange, Cranberry, or Pineapple Juice.

Energy Drinks / 4

Redbull or Redbull Sugar Free.

Bottled Water / 3

Nestle bottled water.

Sweet Tea / 3.5

Lipton bottled sweet tea.